The most awaited event of the year, ‘Google I/O Extended 2017’ powered by Google Developer Group Sri Lanka and Dialog Ideamart is now unveiled. The wait is over. Registrations started at 5.30pm. The registration counters are crowded with hundreds and hundreds of enthusiastic participants. This evening, for sure will blow the minds of everyone with a revolutionizing experience.

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The magnificent evening has begun. All the participants were warmly welcomed by Roshan Gardiarachchi, Manager of Ideamart, Dialog Axiata. He did not forget to thank all the media partners and the organizations who supported to make ‘Google I/O Extended 2017’ a reality.


Google is a vibrant platform which has assisted the social community in diverse aspects . Prashanthan Balakrishnan, Google Country Marketing Consultant created awareness on Google and its services. He emphasized on services such as Google Search, Youtube, Android, Play Store which are some of the most wanted from the tech community. Furthermore, he elaborated on the opportunities such as Google Summer of Code that are open up for the techies scattered all around.



Tharaka was the one to talk about the journey of Google Developer Group Sri Lanka starting from the I/O 2016. He explained how each and every member contributed towards the success of every event. After a brief explanation about the last year’s events his speech came through to the organizing of this year’s Google I/O. He mentioned his motivation behind the game Time Trek. Then he invited Michela Thalagala from Google Women Techmakers Sri Lanka Chapter. She was a founding member of Google Women Techmakers Sri Lanka Chapter.
She explained their goal in women techmakers group, to improve and empower women in Sri lanka. Them, in women techmakers provide the technology by conducting series of workshops and summits. She briefed about all the events that they have done so far for the past year. Finally, Tharaka explained the new tech approach they are taking for this year.

The next session of the evening was the presentation on “Ballerina” by Dr. Sanjeewa Weerawarna, Founder/CEO of WSO2 and Sameera Jayasoma, Chief Software Architect of WSO2. The talk was conducted in two parts. The first part of the talk was based on an introduction to Ballerina and in the next part, insights on the usage of Ballerina was delivered.

Ballerina is a brand new parallel programming language which supports both textual and graphical representation of the programs. Ballerina can be run as command line programs as well as network services. Most special feature of the Ballerina is that it supports multiple data formats like JSON and XML. Also, it is intelligent enough to identify network protocols and swagger. Ballerina supports safety and resiliency for better performance. The difference between Ballerina and other programming languages is Ballerina reduces number of lines comparatively.

During the next part of the session, Sameera Jayasoma talked about how Ballerina in action, the future of Ballerina and the best instances that Ballerina can be used. The two instances that Ballerina has been used were discussed. One is a command line program to query Twitter while the other one is how to create a database backed web API. The prime objective that the programmers of Ballerina is to make it easier to consume and produce networked services and applications in the near future.

According to the Sameera, the best instances to use Ballerina is when programmers want to write micro services and when they want to compose existing services to be API back ends.

Mr Maxime Bayen introduced the GSMA ecosystem accelerator fund which supports innovative start-ups in emerging
markets to achieve sustainable growth and improved socio-economic impact.






After refreshing from the performances by Iraj Weerarathna and the crew, there was the session by “How Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is different ?” by Mika Igarashi from Google. She gave an overview on the seven cloud products which have around one billion users. Some of the cloud products are Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, Gmail, Google Maps and Android. The first wave of the Google Cloud Platform relies on collocation and the second wave follows virtualized data centers. The next of the Google Cloud Platform will be intelligent services. Google Cloud Platform provides fixed VM configurations which are dictated by vendors.

Shafraz Rahim, Developer Relations and Platform took over the stage. He spoke about two of the astounding products of Ideamart, Dialog Axiata. Both these products were developed to cater the 4th software wave, the mass service personalization.

The first ever open IOT platform for developers, enterprises and consumers, Dialog Smartlife. It  is a single mashup engine which is used to connect devices and platforms, build using services, manage and analyse data. Next he spoke on the ISayYouDo, a mash up engine which mashes up IOT, web services and telco based services. Ideamart has initiated to contribute to the society by using these services to build community driven weather stations. These devices were handed off to school students at the exhibition earlier today.He marked the end of his session saying, ‘Do something to benefit your country, not only yourself!’

Strikers from the University of Vocational Technology were awarded for their ultimate win in the Chromium Collision, the battle of the bots with flying colors.

Next session was delivered by Kasun Witharachchi from Dialog Axiata recalling the time they passed to be successful. He mentioned that the main intention of the company was to share Dialog APIs among developers and proudly said that they have developed the largest Eco system in the country 5 years back. At the same time Kasun did’t forget to recall the figures who are in behind of the success of Ideamart. After briefed about Ideamart  he came up with a major issue most of the young techies encounter momentarily, “How to start a start up?”. The capabilities you should have to start a startup and how ideamart led a helping hand to people who have the curiosity to see their future through their own company was highlighted by Kasun.