GDG Sri Lanka is a community of tech enthusiasts who are interested in Google Developer Technologies and technical advancements in the world. GDG’s are independent groups that are supported by Google but not part of it.


We are a non-profit entity which strive for improvement of the tech education of the local developers. We engage in several events and programs to enrich the local developers with global knowledge.


GDG DevFest

The DevFest or the developer festival is an annual event which consists of tech sessions and code-labs which target google technologies and their latest releases.


Android Study Jam

The Android study jam is an annual session series where a set of developers are chosen and they are given an introduction into mobile app development on the Google’s Android platform.


GDG University outreach program

In order to take the tech knowledge beyond the reaches of the city, we have started the university outreach program. Currently we have covered universities from three provinces in the country.



CodeLanka is a github repo that we manage which enable users to submit software that would help solve problems in the society which other organizations are reluctant to develop because of monetization issues.


Google IO Extended

The IO Extended is a parallel event to the Google I/O developer conference in the USA. We invite enthusiasts to watch the keynote speed by the Google CEO while organizing local software and tech industry displays at the event.


You can keep in touch with us from this website as well as from our Google+ page, facebook page GDG Sri Lanka and twitter channel @gdgsrilanka


GDG Sri Lanka

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